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One of our all time favorite looks! A simple drop veil with Swarovski Rhinestones to add a touch of drama!

Photographer: https://bowtiecollaborative.com

Veil Detail:

Cathedral, Light Ivory, Drop Veil

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Beautiful Hayley wore our best selling veil, "The Blanca", to complete her bridal day look!


Veil Detail: Cathedral, Light Ivory

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"Thank you again for my beautiful veil! It was so beautiful with my dress!!"

Photographer: Jenna Fisher. Fisher Photography

Veil Detail: Barely There Veil with Lace #7

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"I got sooo many compliments on my veil and have since sent your Etsy link to multiple friends getting married this year!"

Veil Detail: Cathedral Length, Light Ivory

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"Thank you so much for making my beautiful veil. It completed my look and I absolutely loved it." -Sherlee

Veil Detail: Pale Blush, 10ft

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This stunning veil was featured

in an Alchemy Event Academy shoot.

Photography: BreAnne Frye Photography

Veil Detail: 15ft, Silk White

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Elizabeth choose a simple raw edge veil with our magnetic comb!

Photographer: www.lytlephotoco.com 

Veil Details: Cathedral Length, Light Ivory

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"Thanks again for making my day that more special with a beautiful veil!" -Katelyn

Veil Details: 10ft, Light Ivory

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Brittany chose to have lace just around the bottom of her veil for the perfect finishing touch for her bridal look! #perfection

Photographer: Amy Karp

Veil Details: 10ft, Lace 9 around curve, Light Ivory

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Hannah chose the most perfect veil for her goreous lace dress!

Photography: www.tiffanydanielle.org

Veil Detail: Chapel Length, Light Ivory

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Tracy chose a pencil edge veil attached to a headband to complete her gorgeous wedding day look!

Photography: Kelly Pomeroy Photography

Veil Details: Light Ivory, Cathedral, Pencil Edge

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Karen choose a stunning Royal Cathedral Lace Mantilla Veil!

Photography: www.goldenblissphotography.com

Veil Details:12ft, Mantilla, Lace #3

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Dionne Kraus Photography captured Shelby in her Blanca Veil in the most epic way!

Veil Detail: Chapel Length, Light Ivory @dionnekrausphotography

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"Thank you again! It turned out gorgeous!" -Regina

Veil Detail: Mantilla Veil, 12ft, Lace #8

Ellie Burgueno Photography

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Peyton choose our rhinestone trim veil to match her stunning dress. #perfection

Veil Detail: 12ft, Light Ivory

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"Your work is stunning and I was so happy that I purchased one of your veils!" -Dora

Laura Gordillo Photography

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Gladdys choose to WOW on her wedding day by chooseing a dramatic length for her veil!

Photographer: @Sadiemakphotos

Veil Detail: 15ft, Light Ivory

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Aly choose a beaded lace veil to match her gorgeous satin dress!

Photography: https://www.joshjonesphoto.com

Veil Detail: 10ft, Ivory, Lace #6

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Sarah chose the perfect waist length veil for her lace dress!

Photography: Coko Photography

Veil Detail: Mid Hip, Lace #2, Light Ivory

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Jackie choose a sheer drop veil to complete her gorgeous bridal look!

Veil Detail: Chapel Length, Light Ivory, Drop Veil

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Blanca Veils in Jamaica...

"You truly did so amazing!!" - Erin

Photographer: Emily Brock Photography

Veil Detail: Cathedral, Light Ivory, App T

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"I wanted to share this photo with you because it highlights my most gorgeous veil!" Alyssa

Photographer: @keywilsonphotography

Veil Detail: 10ft, Light Ivory, Lace #1 to waist

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"I just got married on Saturday, and my veil was such a DREAM!!! It was PERFECT! Thank you so much!" Alee

Photographer: www.Larynbellarphotography.com

Veil Details: 12ft, Ivory, Lace #17 to waist,

108" in width

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"Thanks again for creating the perfect veil!! I loved it!" -Logan

Photo: Steele Photography

Veil Detail: Light Ivory, Magnetic Comb

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"You guys made my special day to be perfect with your beautiful veil 🥰"


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Poppy and Iris Photography

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