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Blanca Veils
 ★★★★★ 6446 Reviews | Made in USA | Award Winning 2017, 2018

Detach, Reattach; Effortlessly.


Blanca Veils + Mon Amour Veils

Blanca Veils is happy to announce our new partnership with Mon Amour Veils! Now with any purchase, you will have the option of upgrading with Mon Amour’s Technology. This innovative technology will allow you to remove and reattach your veil easily, and without affecting the look of your gorgeous hair. Lear more below!

See it in Action


How it Works


A Mon Amour Wedding Veil is made up of three distinct parts; a comb, a rhinestone embellishment, and a veil. Patented magnetic locking technology allows the comb to be placed into the hairstyle with no need for removal, which makes securing and swapping a Mon Amour Wedding Veil and embellishment quick and simple!



Always in place and waiting for either your veil or the Rhinestone Embellishment to be swapped into place.


Rhinestone Embellishment

Once your veil is off, you can easily swap your Rhinestone Embellishment. Removing and replacing with your veil is a breeze and can be done so quickly and easily as much as needed.


Want to Add Mon Amour to your Veil?

All our veils have the option to add this amazing and convenient technology. Select this option once you have found your veil.