šŸ’œMagnetic HairpiecešŸ’œ

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Blanca Veils is so excited to announce our latest in bridal technology!

We are now offering our gorgeous wedding veils using the patentedĀ magnetic wedding veil comb.

This is a MUST have on your big day!

This magnetic bridal veil comb allows you to take your veil on and off all day long WITHOUT destroying your hairstyle!

Just add this listing to your cart and your veil will be made with this Magnetic Bridal Comb!Ā šŸ’œ

Choose from these options:

  • Magnetic Comb and Blank Hairpiece (Attach your own decorative hairpiece!)
  • Magnetic Comb with Hairpiece #1.
  • Magnetic Comb with Hairpiece #2
  • Magnetic Comb with Hairpiece #3

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