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So this week, we got to thinking about who invented the wedding veil!?


  We mean, you know who makes yours,  but how did this tradition get started?

After lots of research and google searching... it seems no one knows. Though we did find out some amazing facts about veils and weddings through our research.

Some facts were so amazing we just had to share them with you! 


Do you know where the first veil comes from?

Why we cover the brides face as she walks down the isle?

Or Why the brides father gives her away?


We were reading an article in the Richmond Times, dispatch titled "History Behind The Veil."

The veil and bouquet that the bride carries predates wearing white. Although there is no definitive reason for the wearing of the veil, many surmise it has to do with ancient Greeks and Romans' fear of evil spirits or demons.

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In fact, this is where many of the bridal traditions actually come from, including bridesmaids wearing similar dresses in order to serve as decoys for the bride.

Could you imagine believing that you were protecting the bride from evil.

We don't know that we would be as honored to be a bridesmaid in those days!

"In an effort to frighten away or disguise the bride from evil spirits, brides-to-be were dressed in bright colors (usually red) and their faces were obscured by a veil.  In many cases this prevented the bride from being able to see well. That is why her father or another person "gave her away." He was escorting her down the isle for her own safety."

Luckily, wedding veils now have a strong new tradition of all things bridal, purity, and most importantly "unveiling" a new life together...


We hope you found this as interesting as we did! We will be writing a few more blogs like this with interesting facts about the history and traditions of veils and weddings.  

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