Faces Behind the Laces, #3- Jen


I hope you are all enjoying getting to know the ladies from Blanca Veils.  These ladies all have such important roles, with each veil being handmade.  We truly couldn't give each veil the care and attention it needed without all the wonderful women that we work with everyday.


Today, we would like to showcase the lovely Jen!



 Jen is a wonderful seamstress and works with laces 3,6,7, and 8. She also meticulously hand wraps every comb with tulle before its sewn onto the veil!


mantilla veil by BlancaVeils.com


Jen has worked for Blanca veils for a little over a year now and when asked what her favorite part of her job is, she says she:

"...loves all the wonderful people I work with. We have so much fun!"


 If you order one of the laces mentioned above, chances are Jen will have a hand in making your one of a kind veil!


Veil by BlancaVeils.com



 If Jen had to choose a veil for herself she would choose

"...a fingertip length, cascade cut veil with lace number 12 to comb in light ivory.."


Jen's dream wedding destination would be:


"....somewhere tropical! White sands, clear blue water and no one but my close family and friends for miles!!..."


Her advice for brides is

"DO NOT STRESS! This is your day, have fun! Do not worry about pleasing anyone!"


It is so easy to forget to have fun at your wedding. You get so wrapped up in so many other things it is easy to forget that this is a celebration! YOUR celebration!

Veil By BlancaVeils.com

We agree with Jen... Try not to stress. Focus on the person you are marrying and the reasons you choose to marry this person!


Thank you for letting us showcase another gorgeous member of our staff! We really are blessed to have such a wonderful team of ladies to keep this business going strong!



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