What Is A Mantilla Veil?

Wedding Veil by BlancaVeils.com

A mantilla veil is a style of wedding veil formed by a circular piece of cloth and is usually fully laced all around.

This lovely style of veil is secured at the crown of the head with a comb as the length of veil drapes softly against the shoulders.

Mantilla veils are beloved because of the terrific shoulder coverage it offers for church weddings. It is also sheer enough to let the dress shine through! These are just a few mantilla veils that Blanca Veils offer...


Swiss Dot Lace Veil starting at $70...shop this look here.


Alencon Lace Mantilla Veil starting at $69...find it here!

blancaveils.com Mantilla Veil

Mantilla Lace Veil starting at $69...Shop her look here!

BlancaVeils.com Mantilla Lace Veil

Chantilly Lace Mantilla Veil... starting at $59!

Mantilla Veil by BlancaVeils.com

Beaded Lace Mantilla Veil...starting at $69.


Sequined Lace Mantilla Veil starting at $69

Mantilla Veil by Blanca Veils

As you can see, Mantilla Veils are gorgeous!

Blanca Veils has so many more options and laces to choose from!

Shop our full mantilla veil collection here.

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