Finding The Right Veil For Your Outdoor Wedding

While all veils would work and looking stunning both in and outdoors here are a few of our favorites for outdoor weddings and a few things to think about when choosing the perfect veil for you. 

If you have chosen a more simple dress I would suggest adding rhinestones a short veil for wedding. The shorter veil prevents snags and pulling on your hair and the rhinestones will catch the light every time you move your head. It is truly stunning as you can see. 

If you are looking for a more simple look that would look beautiful in the sunlight I would suggest a full volume raw edge veil. This veil is a timeless classic and lets the beauty of the dress shine through. 

If you are thinking something longer and want lace, I would suggest a larger lace to comb. This will proved a bit of weight if you are walking in the wind and looks amazing. 

For my final suggestion and my person favorite i would suggest a single tier lace veil that is fingertip length. 

Of course with an outdoor wedding the sky is the limit with all your veil choices. Appliques, rhinestones and pearls are always a brides best friends. I hope this helps you narrow down a veil for you and I am sure no matter what you pick you will look amazing on your wedding day.

Samantha StarkComment