FAQs about Veils

I have scoured the internet looking for the most asked questions regarding wedding veils. Most of the questions I found were the most googled questions about veils. Here they are and I hope these will help to answer any questions you might be having. 

Question 1. How to wear a veil with your hair down?  Most of our veils come with a comb sewn in for easy placement on your big day. Even the ones that down have it sewn in, come with a comb. So it is as simple as securing it in your hair. Also we have a variety of other options such as headbands and things that would help to keep your veil in place while adding touches of bling and color.

Question 2. What is an angel cut veil? Angel Cut Wedding VeilAngel cut bridal veils are most popular at waltz length (54") or shorter. Commonly referred to as the V-cut, the angel cut veil is cut so the sides cascade in folds and the back tapers down into a soft point. (www.occanseydesigns.com/veilcutsandstyles.html) 

Question 3. How do you pick the right veil for your dress? This can seem tricky, first I suggest deciding what type of veil that would be best for you. Do you want a drop veil or blusher? Are you thinking of a train or short veil? These choices are more your preference then how they will look with the dress. Then I suggest getting a sample packet and take a look the the laces and tulle colors. That was way you can see what matches better with the dress and when you order there is no chance of disappointment. 

Question 4. What is the difference between chapel and cathedral length veils? Well as you can see on the chart above Chapel length is 90" while Cathedral length is 108".  Both are very popular lengths. 

Question 5. How do I know what color of lace I need? Again I would suggest getting a sample packet and matching them up to the dress so there is no room for error but if this isn't an option I would order the same color of the dress or a shade lighter.  

Question 6. When should I order my veil? This is a really great question! I suggest ordering 6 to 8 weeks before your final fitting! This gives your plenty of time to let your veil get made and shipped without any added anxiety. You have enough to worry about, added bonus this will have your veil there in time to try it on with your dress for a whole "rehearsal" so you can check for anything wrong with the veil or dress together and gives you time to fix any issues. 

Question 7. What is a detachable blusher? A detachable blusher is a blusher that is sewn on to its own comb so it can be removed from your hair later and you can still wear your veil. They are great if you want the tradition of a blusher but you do not want the two tiered veil for the rest of your evening! 

Question 8. If I have a "busy" dress, which veil would be the best choice to match? Well having a glamorous dress is so much fun isn't it? Princess for a day, gorgeous in pictures... if you aren't sure which veil would be the best choice why not look a something more simple? Raw edge veils or pencil edges are still as popular as ever and though referred to as simple they are still elegant. When the dress is loud let the veil help with just a soft touch of tulle. 

Well these are the 8 most FAQs about wedding veils, if these were questions you were trying to find the answer too I hope my answers help you. No matter which veils you pick I hope you have a beautiful wedding day and it is all you dreamed it would be. 

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