The Faces Behind the Laces--Jessica

Blanca Veils has some of the world's greatest ladies!! ...

Your dream veil is truly in great hands! 

We thought it would be fun for our brides to get a look at the faces behind the veils...


The first employee we would like to showcase is Jessica !



Jessica has been working for Blanca Veils for over two years now. She has been here since the start! She is the shop production manager.


She has the tedious job of placing on the rhinestone edges, applique veils, raw edging and also sews several laces. If your veil has something crafty and unique on it, you can bet she played a part in the design...


Though it seems she has a hand in just about every type of veil, she says the variety of her job is her favorite part of working at Blanca Veils. Jess says she

"loves how every veil is unique in its own way..."

 So what is Jess's dream veil?

(Yes we all have one too!...)

"...A 9ft drop veil with our gold lace #9, in light ivory. "
goldlacedropveil-lace9 chapel length.jpg




When asked of her dream destination for her fairy tale wedding. Jessica's reply was

"Scotland! Because of how beautiful and historical the country is"...

Jessica is just one of the many lovely ladies at Blanca Veils, but if you are choosing one of the veils mentioned above, chances are this awesome lady will have a hand in making your veil!


Jessica's advice to all you brides-to-be's:

"Worry less! What you feel are problems now wont matter when you see the love of your life down the aisle!"....
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