Mix and Match

Looking at all the beautiful veils, are you having trouble choosing between rhinestones, lace or raw edge? Perhaps the right veil for you is a mix and match! Such as a lace veil with scattered rhinestones on the tulle or a raw edge veil with a ribbon bow on the comb. There are so many choices. Luckily for you, you now know that the veil you are looking for can be handmade just the way you always envisioned.  

Here are a few Mix and Match options. Maybe these will lead you in the right direction! 


This absolutely stunning veil is a bow veil (ribbon bow on the comb) with scattered pearls and a raw edge! A truly wonderful mixture with a perfect result!!


This veil is a mixture of lace and a raw edge! The lace begins at this brides bust and has a flawless raw edge to finish this veil. I think it really compliments this bride look! 

Applique Veil from BlancaVeils.com

Applique veils are a gorgeous veil style for those who would like lace, but do not want to overwhelm theiroverall bridal look with too much lace. Plus it leaves the edge of the veil open for another choice: pearl edge, raw edge, rhinestones, or pencil edge for an even more glam look.


Whichever veil you choose just be sure to communicate with our amazing veil designers here at Blanca Veils. We are truly happy to help you with all your veil needs and questions.



Samantha StarkComment