Quick Guide to Wedding Veils

Blanca Veil's Quick Guide To Wedding Veils

There are a few important factors, other than length, to consider when deciding on the perfect wedding veil...


Veil Width-Fullness of Your Veil

There are three common width options:

54” -This is the sheerest of all veils. It will give little volume at the comb and have a very narrow floor spread. This is typically requested for veils that are single tier and are shorter than floor length.

72” - This is by far our most popular width choice! It has the perfect amount of volume without being too "poofy" at the comb. It gives a perfect 6ft floor spread which is great for most wedding dresses.

108”- This is the widest width we offer. This type of veil will have full volume at the comb and a 9ft floor spread on the ground.  Very beautiful!!



You want to make sure the veil you purchase matches your wedding dress. The color you choose can make all the difference in blending your custom made veil to your beloved dress.

Here are our color options:

White- This color is a very bright white with an almost blue hue of undertone. This is for dresses that are a pure, stark white.

Silk/Diamond White- This is a white color that has no blue undertone. This means it is a more natural white. The silk/diamond white has no cream undertones and is more of a candle light white.

Light Ivory- Our most popular color! This color has a very light ivory undertone but will appear white to your naked eye. If your dress has an obvious cream color to it, the light ivory may be too light for your dress.

Ivory- This is a creamy color. A true ivory. This is for dresses that are obviously not white and that appear ivory to your naked eye. 

Pale Blush- The faintest of blush color. This pale blush color has a very faint light ivory undertone with a subtle hue to it.

Rose Blush- This color is for the bride with a pink dress! The Rose Blush tulle and lace will be obviously pink with pink undertones. 

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There are 4 main types of wedding veils.

Single Tier Veil- The type of veil that is only 1 layer and gathered together on a comb. A blusher can be added for a face coverage if desired. Our most requested style!

2 Tiered- 2 separate pieces of fabric are bunched separately and then sewn together on the same comb. This gives lots of volume at the head. The top layer can be worn as a blusher or pulled back.

Mantilla Veil- One single piece of fabric that is usually fully laced all around. It lays flat on the brides head with a comb sewn under the lace for easy securing.

Drop Veil- One single piece of fabric that is placed or “dropped” on a bride’s head. It is the sheerest of veils and typically appears to be a two tiered veil, meaning it has the face cover, but is actually just one piece of fabric. This veil can either be pinned in or have the comb sewn in.

Still not sure what style you need? Contact your Veil Designer today!

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