Simple Bridal Veil Styles

Selecting the right wedding veil style can be a little intimidating. It seems like there are so many to choose from! Let's take a look at five simple types of wedding veils that are sure to make you fall in love!

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Single Tier Veil- This type of veil is only 1 layer and is gathered (bunched together on a comb) at the top. A blusher (2nd tier) can be added for a face coverage if desired. This is a very common veil style because it is simple and very versatile!! The Single Tier Veil can be as simple as you'd like with just a raw edge, or fully laced with gorgeous beads and sequins to match your dress.



2 Tiered Wedding Veil- This is 2 separate pieces of fabric that are bunched separately and sewn together on the same comb. 2 Tiers Wedding Veils have lots of volume at the head. The top layer can be worn as a blusher (face cover) or pulled back. If you are wanting max volume, this is the look for you! You can't go wrong with this gorgeous, traditional style!! 



Mantilla Veil- This simple style of wedding veil is a single piece of fabric that is fully laced all around. It lays flat on the bride's hairline and stays put with a comb sewn under the lace for easy securing. This is a traditional Spanish veil and is attached to the crown of the head. This veil gives great shoulder coverage for chapel weddings. A great style to make a statement!!


Drop Veil-  This simple style of wedding veil is nothing short of ethereal.  Drop Wedding Veils are a single piece of fabric that is placed or “dropped” on a bride’s head. It is the sheerest of veils and typically appears to be a two tiered veil, meaning it has the face cover, but is actually just one piece of fabric. This veil can either be pinned into your hair, which is most traditional, or have the comb sewn in upon request. You are sure to turn heads with this one!!



Juliet- The Juliet style of veil has been making a huge comeback. This simple bridal veil style is a wedding look that is not as common, which makes it even more glamorous. Juliet Veils have 2 clips sewn in both sides of the veil for easy placement in your hair. It is traditionally a raw edge veil but adding lace can make your veil even more custom for your dress.  Juliet Veils are a very timeless and romantic piece!! 

Samantha Stark