The Most Popular Veil Lengths Are...

Choosing the right veil length can be very overwhelming as a new bride. After all, you want your veil to look perfect with your dress!

Here are some of the most common veil lengths and the reasons we love them!! 


Hip Length-This is a 36 inch veil. This is a flattering length and very universal! Perfect compliment to almost every dress. A very modern take on the tradition of wearing a veil.


Fingertip Length-This veil is 45 inches long. This veil should lay about where your fingertips hit with your arms down flat against your side or just a tad longer. Very pretty length!! One of our most popular! 


Waltz Length-This gorgeous length is 54 inches long. The veil will be about calf length. This is a great length if you are wanting the affect of the long veil but don't want it dragging the ground. Great for the first dance!  :)


Floor length-measures at 6 feet, or 72 inches, long. This length should just sweep the floor and make for a dramatic affect without having your veil drag the floor. We LOVE this length! 


Chapel Length- This veil measures at 7 and a half feet long, or 90 inches. This is a very traditional length and a great choice if you are wanting the veil to drag behind you as you walk. So lovely!

rawveils chapel by 108.jpg

Cathedral Length-This veil measures at 9 feet long, or 108 inches. This is a very long and dramatic veil. Perfect for church or chapel weddings!  This length is gorgeous for your walk down the aisle and makes for dramatic pictures you will cherish forever!! 


Royal Cathedral-This veil is 12 feet long, or 144 inches long. This is a very dramatic length and is for the bride who wants to make a grand entrance! You are sure to turn every head on your big day...