5 Easy Steps to Ordering Your Dream Veil!

Ordering your custom wedding veil is not as overwhelming as you may think. You may think you know very little about what style of wedding veil you need, or what lace looks best with your dress. However, these 5 easy steps will help walk you through this very simple ordering process.



Step 1. Decide on the Style of Veil You Need

As I have discussed in earlier blog post, there are 4 main styles of wedding veils.

  • Single Tier
  • Two Tier
  • Mantilla Veil
  • Drop Veil

Most brides know right away which style of veil they are wanting to wear on their wedding day. If you need help deciding, or not sure what your options are, please view my previous blog post.

Once you know the style. You have completed step 1 and are now ready to move on to completing the veil of your dreams.

Step Two: Decide on Overall Length of Veil Needed

There are the normal bridal world standards of veil lengths that  brides are familiar with. However, one size "standards" does not fit all. All brides are obviously  different heights so "Fingertip Length" on one bride, may not be fingertip length on you. This is the beauty of having your wedding veil custom made. Your lovely wedding veil can be made according to your exact height and measurements if desired.

How does one bride go about knowing the perfect length wedding veil? Well, ask yourself if you want a long veil that drags the floor, or shorter veil?

If you want a veil that is long and dramatic and drags the floor as you walk, choose the length of veil that is the same length as your dress' train or longer.

If you want a veil that is shorter and a bit more modern, I always recommend a veil that ends at the natural waistline of your dress, or location of dress flare. So this usually is the hip area or lower around the fingertip area if your dress has a drop waist.

The most common veil length are:

Fingertip Length -45" from comb to end of veil

6 ft Sweep Floor Length- 72" from comb to end of veil

Chapel 7.5 ft- 90" from comb to end of veil

Cathedral 9 ft- 108" from comb to end of veil

However, BlancaVeils offers many lengths in between these sizes and of course can custom make your veil to any length for no additional charge. How awesome is that?!

Once you know the style and length of veil. You are ready to move on...

3. Choose the Finishing Accents of Your Wedding Veil

Choosing the finishing touches to your wedding veil can be the most daunting task to a bride to me. However, we try to make it easy as possible for brides to know which lace or finished edge will fit both their dress and their desired look.

If you know you just want a perfect cut raw edge and nothing else, move to Step 5 below. If you think you may want something a bit more intricate for your custom wedding veil, you will love to know how easy we have made this for you!

The most popular finishing request on wedding veils by far, is a lace edge. We offer so many choices because we are aware that most brides have a good idea of what they are looking for as far as style of lace, but need a good variety of options so the can choose the one that is perfect for their dress.

BlancaVeils has hand selected over 20 different lace styles. These lace styles are custom-made for us to make sure each one will match 99% of all wedding dresses sold in bridal stores.

So what does that mean? That means, we did the hard part for you! Most of our laces will match your dress perfectly. You just need to find the one that catches your eye most.


Here are all of your lace options: Choose three of your favorites and then request lace swatches to see your favorite laces in person. Once you see them in person next to your dress. The decision will be so much easier and you will be ready for the next step in ordering your custom veil!

Step 4. Choose the Starting Point of Your Lace

Not to make thing complicated, but partially laced veils are so huge this wedding season. What does this mean?

This means your wedding veil will not have lace going all the way around your veil, but will start at an exact spot on your veil.

The most popular starting points of your lace will be:


Lace To Bust:

Laced only from the Waist:

Laced only around the bottom curve:

Laced fully to comb:

Step 5. Choose the Best Color for Your Wedding Veil

We understand that wedding dress designers offer so many different shades of wedding dresses and have a million different names that they call their dress colors. Sometimes, I think dress designers just like to make things difficult on us.. :)

Here are your color options broken down. Please request a swatch of our wedding veil colors so you can compare these in person next to your dress..

  • White: A very bright white with an almost blue hue of undertone. This is for dresses that are a pure, stark white.
  • Silk/Diamond White: This a white color that has no blue undertone. This means it is a more natural white. The silk/diamond white has no cream undertones and is more of a candle light white.
  • Light Ivory: Our most popular color! This color has a very light ivory undertone but will appear white to your naked eye. If your dress has an obvious cream color to it, the light ivory may be too light for your dress.
  • Ivory: This is a creamy color. A true ivory. This is for dresses that are obviously not white and that appear ivory to your naked eye.
  • Pale Blush: The faintest of blush color. This pale blush color has a very faint light ivory undertone with a subtle hue to it.
  • Rose Blush: This color is for the bride with a pink dress! The Rose Blush tulle and lace will be obviously pink with pink undertones.

That's it! ...You've now designed your custom wedding veil!

Now you need to contact us to place your order. Here is what our veil designers will ask you and you will now know the exact answers...

  1. Style of Veil
  2. Length of Veil
  3. Lace Choice
  4. Starting Place of Lace
  5. Color of Veil