What Color Veil Do I Need?

As a wedding veil designer, this is my most asked question.

"What color wedding veil do I need for my dress?"

Obviously, there are so many wedding dress designers out there. And most designers use their own unique name for their wedding dress line.

Understandably, they do this unique labeling of shades of white and ivory so their dress line will stand out among others, offer more shades,  sound more high end,  etc...but also I believe it is so a you, as a customer, will have a bit more difficult time knowing which shade you need if you decide to purchase your accessories elsewhere.

If your wedding dress designer labels your dress "Antique White Dove" you are sure to have a very hard time finding accessories labeled "antique white dove" unless  you buy them from them. Good move on their part, right?! 

Here is a little secret...

There are only about 6 standard shades of wedding dresses!

98% of which are the color Light Ivory...(or that so-called "Antique White Dove"...)


Here is a breakdown of wedding dress colors...

and your dress is sure to fall into one of these categories.



Traditionally, all wedding dresses were pure, bright white. So white that you will sometime see a shade of blue hue undertone. White meant purity and most wedding dress designers made their dress lines only in pure bright white.

Today, most brides think their dresses are white, however, until you see something truly stark white next to your dress, the off white color wont be as apparent.

The best way to know if your dress is pure bright white it to simply compare a piece of white typing paper to your dress. You then will be able to see any off white shade of your dress if there are any ivory undertones.

Silk White (Natural White/ Diamond White/ Off White)

These shades are very common today. If your dress is white, but not blinding white, this is the shade you will need. This shade has no blue undertones, but also no ivory undertones. Just a very nice shade of natural white. This is a safe color for most wedding dress' however, most brides will say this color is still too light for their wedding dress.

Light Ivory

The holy grail of wedding dress colors. As I mentioned above, 98% of all dresses today are made in the shade of light ivory.

Why? Well, light ivory is a very light shade. This shade of dress will still appear white to your naked eye, but have those natural lighter ivory undertones that work with most brides' skin tones. Stark white dresses can be very harsh on many, so dress designers know brides want to still look amazing in photographs, but still appear to be wearing pure white. This color does it all.


This color is for a bride who know's they want a cream/pearl/antique color of dress. The ivory color is clearly creamy and will appear to be off white to the naked eye. This color is so flattering on most women and is growing so rapidly in popularity, especially for the fall/winter weddings.


This shade is even darker than ivory. Usually champagne and ivory accessories can be interchangeable, but the champagne spectrum can run quite deep in color. The difference between champagne and ivory pallets is that the ivory has more of a cream/yellow undertone, while the champagne has more of a brown/earthy/gray undertones.


Oh how blush veils are becoming so wildly popular. Even if a brides dress is not blush!

This color is so fun, however, the spectrum of blush vs. pink can be a pretty narrow line. Blush is a very, very, very pale pink, with light ivory undertones. Sometimes you may even have to look twice to see the shade of pink within a blush dress.

If your dress is clearly a baby pink or darker, deeper pink. You may actually just have a pink dress and not a blush dress.. which is ok too of course!


Found the perfect color?

Great! Now lets move on order your sample swatch packet to confirm the shades in person next to your dress and also see your favorite laces or finishing accents...

The fun is just beginning!

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Samantha Stark